Chamber of Architects Berlin

“In Finland, France, and some cantons of Switzerland architecture is a regular school subject. In Germany curriculum is a matter for the member states (Laender). The brochure shows by key subject areas all the things that can be done as part of art teaching in schools.”

Bringing architecture into the classroom

The topic of architecture receives little consideration in the school curriculum. Berlin architects became engaged and formed the Architecture and Schools Initiative. Since 1999 they have been developing teaching projects with teachers on a voluntary basis in which the schoolchildren acquire practical knowledge about architecture. The brochure provides an overview of the past work of the initiative.

Classes for architecture

The Studio created a design concept for the brochure within the corporate design guidelines of the chamber of architects. Grouped into key subject areas, school projects that had taken place are presented. Pictures had to be selected from a large number of non-professional photos. A lot of imaginative work done by children was discovered in the process.  

  • Services provided Brochure Architektur und Schule (Architecture and School), 48 pages
  • Concept: Heike Wehrmann-Ernst
  • Editing and proofreading: Louis Back, with a text by Helga Schmidt-Thomsen
  • Photo credits: Isabel Carrilo Aranguren, Heike Wehrmann-Ernst, Armin Herrmann, Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, Astrid Lohss, Betina Steinhauer, Lutz Mertens, Elke Stamm