Michaela Binder

“The letters of the word ‘Advent’ expand from lines to areas. The intersections of the forms emancipate themselves from the idea, and enrich it in form and colour.”

Clear forms in bright colours

The jewellery studio and gallery of Michaela Binder is situated near the Hackesche Höfe. The focus of the collection is silver jewellery that is combined with exchangeable coloured felt pieces. Once a year, the work of other jewellery designers is exhibited in this small but fine goldsmiths.

Invitations to the Advent exhibition

For the exhibitions in winter 2010, 2012 and 2013 the Studio designed invitation cards. As a motif the word Advent was used in a very simple way. Befitting Binder‘s jewellery, the motif is reduced, with a different colour mood each year. Most unusual was the card for 2012. In this case the Advent motif was a challenge with hot foil stamping in gold on a white ground.

Schmuck auf Japanisch (Jewellery in Japanese)

In winter 2011, the theme of the exhibition was Schmuck auf Japanisch (Jewellery in Japanese). Michaela Binder decided on an image composition with three quite different pieces of jewellery, all very much in the Japanese tradition. The red background refers to Japan, but also Binder's love of colour.

The motif of the invitation card also acts as a banner below the firm’s sign in the Gipsstrasse in Berlin. On the wall in the gallery, the title of the exhibition with the names of the Japanese jewellery designers was again repeated as a foil cut. It is the same arrangement as on the invitation card, but because of the black background the type is in white and red.

  • Services provided Postcards | Banner | Cut foil for the wall and window
  • Postcard photo credits: Schmuck auf Japanisch: illustrating the work of Yutaka Minegishi, Kazuko Nishibayashi, and Yuka Oyama.