Technical Vocational Education and Training, Climate Change and Green Jobs

“Professionals in the water and energy sectors in Asia are sought who have an interest in further training on climate change. The design had to visually capture this issue.”

Working against climate change

The leaflet and brochure present a vocational training project for professionals in the water and energy sectors from Vietnam, Indonesia and Laos. The leaflet and brochure were used to recruit people in Asia for participation in the project. In addition, for the training courses in Asia and Magdeburg a notepad and writing pad were produced.

Visual implementation of the training project

The most important task was to find a suitable motif to convey the message quickly in a way that could be understood. The Studio combined the front cover motif with a strong green colour which, together with white and light grey looks fresh and also fits to the theme of environmental protection. Cuttings of the motif together with photos of the training courses were used in the brochure in ever new variations.

  • Editorial team: Dr. Harry Stolte, Johannes Fleischle, Jochen Sonntag
  • Photo credits: mangann/Fotolia, Rayk Weber, Arendt, Ursula Meissner, Sandra Fuhr, Markus Kichgesser, GIZ-Fotopool