Youth in Africa

“It was a challenge to develop a key visual beyond all the known Africa templates.”

Future Forum on Africa

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) held a two day international conference in 2013 at which Africa's young progressive thinkers took centre stage. Presentations and discussions concentrated on the emergence of democracy, successful business start-ups, and the opportunities offered by digitalisation for political and economic change in Africa. A video and other information on the conference can be found  here.

The key visual for the conference

The logotype developed for the conference is youthful. Other elements are the urban photo of Nairobi, and the play with contre-jour backlighting, lens flare, and the sun. The colours turquoise and orange pick up the colour of the Umspannwerk (former electrical substation) venue in Kreuzberg Umspannwerk.

All media for the conference

For the conference over twenty different conference media were designed, beginning with the stage back drop, outside and inside banners on the impressive architecture of the Umspannwerk in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Posters and roll-ups were placed at the entrance, in the corridors and at the café. The site plan in the conference folder, and signs in the building helped visitors find their way around over several floors.

At reception each participant was given a conference folder with information about the program and the participants. After the conference a 40-page document was produced on the proceedings.

  • Services provided Stage backdrop | Lectern panel | Roll-Up | Inside banner | Outside banner | Signs | Name badges | Conference folder for DIN A4 contents | Dokumentation, DIN A4, 40 pages.
  • Customer: Development Policy Forum of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH