Construction Deconstruction

“The fanfold can be folded out to form a mini-poster. This produces a collage from three pictures of the work of the artists.”

Construction – Deconstruction

In this group exhibition in the Project Space of the Alte Feuerwache (Old fire station) in Berlin, the artists Gabi TaplickCécile Dupaquier and Ines Doleschal address the theme Construction Deconstruction. Collectively in their work there are elements of synthesis and assembly.. But at the same time the art works also contain moments of deconstruction, like for example the aspect of analysis. An area of tension for the artistic work is created by the polarities of openness and seclusion, fragility and strength, as well as colourfulness and colourlessness.


A mini-poster was constructed

Folding open the fanfold reveals the front as a mini-poster Three pictures of the participating artists have been constructed with the title and opening times of the exhibition together.

All the information at a glance

The back has all the information: text, event information and a picture of each artist.

  • Services provided Fanfold, 6 pages
  • Customer: Kulturamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Alte Feuerwache Project Space in Berlin
  • Text: Ines Doleschal
  • Photos in leaflet: Amélie Losier, Ines Doleschal, Klaus Fleige