Ostfildern Town Gallery

“The truncated typography on the front cover reflects Dupaquier's spatial installations; the cold yellow of the logotype corresponds with Doleschal's colour spectrum."

“StadtHausRaum” (“TownHouseSpace”)

Two artists involved in very different ways with the theme StadtHausRaum: The focus of Ines Doleschal’s Ines Doleschals pictures is architecture. Cécile Dupaquiers fragile paper sculptures fit into the space as though the architect had planned it that way. The black cardboard columns and white boards are reminiscent of bench seats, table tops or room dividers. Not until we get close up is it clear that these are abstract, fragile paper sculptures. The wonderful architecture of the Ostfildern town gallery is the perfect exhibition framework for the artists.

Leaflet on the exhibition

The exhibition title takes on a cold yellow, which is often used in Doleschal’s work. The top and bottom parts of the exhibition title are clipped – almost as though Dupaquier’s paper boards mask parts of the type.

Only a few photos are shown so that enough white space remains. The quotation from Italo Calvino, that is spread over two pages, breaks this strictness with a little piece of poetry.

  • Services provided: Fanfold, 8 pages
  • Text: Ricarda Geib, Stuttgart
  • Photos in leaflet: Günther Müller, Cécile Dupaquier