Moving Space

“Linearity and surface, softness and severity, and space and volume create nice contrasts in the work of Elgin Willigerodt and Ines Doleschal.”

Rational constructivism or flowing and lively?

Willigerodts wooden objects and Doleschals painting complement each other surprisingly well in the exhibition Moving Space. Common to the works are reduction and strong colours. Doleschal's paintings address movement in space through dynamic perspectives. On approaching Willigerodt's work, its form and volume in space are constantly changing. This also makes the graphical sculptures seem to start moving. An important part of the filigree wooden structures is the shadow they cast.

Comparison of two positions

Each of the artists has only one double page in the catalogue devoted solely to their work. All the other pages are concerned with the dialogue between two very different artistic positions. In the middle of the catalogue is an overall view of the main room of the exhibition. On other pages the Studio compared the work of the two artists, showing formal references.  

As signal red is used in both works, the choice of accent colour fell on red.  

  • Services provided: Catalogue, DIN A 5 landscape, 20 pages
  • Customer: rk | ratskeller, Gallery for Contemporary Art
  • Text: Sylvia Eschrich
  • Photos: Sabine Springer, Lucia Gerhardt, Ines Doleschal, Elgin Willigerodt