“In which professions will demand increase? What regions offer a lot of jobs? How can employees of the DIS AG improve their skills? The employee magazine of this market leading company for temporary work gives information about changes in the job market; it attempts to show what the opportunities are, and gives employees the chance to have their say.”

All the issues concerning temporary employment

The magazine is aimed at internal employees as well as temporary employees at DIS AG. A total of 10,000 employees receive reports on developments and opportunities in the professional world. The magazine includes discussion panels on the topic of work, employee portraits, interviews and reports on experiences.

Relaunch of the magazine

The Studio has done work on the magazine for the agency Medienfactory. For example, tasks included assistance with the relaunch of the magazine, proposals for the design of the front covers, the implementation of individual pages, and the search for expressive pictures, in addition to drawing diagrams.

  • Services provided Collaboration on the employee magazine Perspektiven (Perspectives) 32 pages in B4 format
  • Customer: Medienfactory
  • Photos: DIS AG, Fotolia, IStockfoto, Martin Magunia