Mazuma artist group

“The brochure documents the work of children done in the art workshops. The design is lively, readers of the brochure are not only grown-ups, but also children. The layout is cheerful, the circle is a consistent motif that glides through the brochure like soap bubbles.”

Sensual access to the world of art

The »mazuma« has been working for many years in providing teaching support for schoolchildren of the Gustav-Falke-Schule, Berlin. The three artists run workshops with the children. Each workshop ends with an exhibition in the school to which parents, children and teachers of the school are invited.

The brochure

The brochure documents the workshops of the artist group in the school. The requirement of the employers was a lively design that could address children as well as teachers. The green accent colour imparts a fresh effect. On the inside front cover is a list of all the names of the children who have taken part in the projects.

  • Services provided Brochure, 40 pages | Postcards
  • Texts: Zuzanna Skiba, Mariel Poppe, Marc Haselbach, Karin Müller, Susanne Ernst, Regina Wielsch
  • Photo credits: Zuzanna Skiba, Mariel Poppe, Marc Haselbach