The Look – Unspoken Language

“The invitation card depicts the eyes of all the artists. This motif underlines the individuality of the artists' perspectives, yet also creates a unified overall picture to the public.”

One motif for six different perspectives

For the group exhibition Der Blick – lautlose Sprache (The Look – Unspoken Speech) in the Arttransponder gallery the Studio designed an invitation card and a leaflet for each of the six artists. The motif is continued on the front cover of the leaflets: we still see the six eyes, but five of them are darkened. Only the eye of the artist whose work is being presented is clearly visible and in focus. Each of the artists has chosen his/her own colour that underlines the mood of the art works presented in the leaflet. The leaflets can be held together with a banderole.

About the exhibition

The group exhibition Der Blick – lautlose Sprache in the Arttransponder gallery is concerned with the physical communication form of eye contact. Looks give evoke feelings like sympathy or joy, curiosity or scepticism, as well as sadness and pain. The look may come too close and invade the boundaries of privacy. Looks can exercise control, watch, and cast judgements. The look is an instrument of power and of play. In the look of your counterpart you can recognise yourself, and read your values. A look is interactive. It tells a story, and questions our identity.

  • Services provided Invitation card | six leaflets (of six pages)
  • Project management and text: Mariel Poppe
  • Photo credits: Mariel Poppe, Maisae Alabdallah-Sörensen, Zuzanna Skiba, Héctor Velázquez, Lise-Lotte Elley, Toni Larson