Folly. Projekte e.V.

“The idea of the exhibition had to be visualised in the visual identity: installations in the country had to be shown that refer to what are called follies or sculptural structures in a romantic country garden of the 18th century.”

Sculptural structures in gardens and nature

Folly – Orte zum Verweilen (Folly – Places to Linger) was an exhibition of local contemporary art in outdoor space in Wustrau (Ruppin region in the state of Brandenburg). The word Folly originates from landscape gardening and refers to sculptural structures in gardens and parks that do not necessarily have a function. A well-known example of this is the »Chinesische Haus« in Sanssouci Park.

Visual identity

The exhibition is special for its dialogue with the surrounding countryside. This had also to be reflected in the visual identity. Important elements are the use of photos of the country landscape, the colour green and the logo. For the motif of the invitation card and the homepage of the Website, the Folly logotype is set against a meadow. The logo acts as a kind of substitute for a folly.

  • Services provided Visual identity, logo | Postcard | Website | Image compositions | PDF presentation
  • Project idea and project management: Christina Friedman
  • Text: Ines Doleschal
  • Technical implementation of the website: Jürgen Müller-Lütken from
  • Photo on postcard and homepage of website: Daniel Schörnig