Stefanie Neumann

“In the case of Stefanie Neumann, where does the drawing stop, and where does it begin to be her handwriting?”

Between drawing, etching and ceramics

Stefanie Neumann works both as a visual artist and a ceramicist – an unusual combination. Her themes, which often draw on children’s dreams and teenage fantasies, are not only drawn but inscribed in the truest sense of the word. Her handwriting is almost always incorporated as an element of the drawing.

Stefanie Neumann – ceramics and graphics

The catalogue is devoted to the relationship between Neumann’s ceramic and artistic work, with ceramics standing out in the foreground. For the background, suitable sketches, graphics and photos by Stefanie Neumann have been selected in collaboration with Kattrin Richter. The main task in producing the catalogue was the extensive composition using Photoshop.

  • Services provided Catalogue, 44 pages | Business cards | Postcards | Leaflet, six pages | Portfolio as PDF document
  • Photo credits: Stefanie Neumann