Berlin University of the Arts (UdK)

“Studying architecture at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) gives students a comprehensive artistic education. The book presents exciting results that students have achieved.”

Artistic work of architecture students

In the book, the author Prof. Sybil Kohl describes her work teaching architecture students at the the Berlin University of the Arts. Beside her pedagogical approach, she also describes practical art exercises and shows the work done by the students in over 200 illustrations. Moreover, the book is intended to show that the subject “Sculpture and Spatial Presentation” plays an important part in the study of architecture.

Book with documentary character

In close cooperation with the author, the office has developed a visual concept for the book. Of importance was a strict and clear layout with a lot of white space. A requirement was the avoidance of any decoration produced by the design. The selection and compilation of pictures from a huge stock was one of the main tasks. As the photos were taken by non-professionals, a great deal of image processing was necessary.  

  • Services provided Book Plastische und Räumliche Darstellung für Architekten (Sculpture and Spatial Presentation for Architects), softcover, 160 pages
  • Authors: Prof. Sybil Kohl, Dipl-Ing. Kaye Geipel
  • Proof-reading: Yamin von Rauch
  • Photo credits: Jacob von Dohnanyi, Lothar M. Peter, students, and staff of the faculty