Das verortete Verlangen (Localised Desire)

“At the start of the order we were faced with the questions: How can the large amount of information be accommodated on the fanfold; moreover, how can a visual impression of the theme of the exhibition be created?”

Localising the inner landscape

Peace and restlessness are united in the title as a contrastive pair. Whilst locating is a process creating peace and clarity, desire is to experience a lack of something, a yearning that draws us to another place. With ten different artists, very different answers to this paradox are provided by the exhibition in the Project Space of the »Alte Feuerwache« (Old Fire Station).

Cartography of desire

As a six-page leaflet offers too little space to adequately present ten artists, a drawing was chosen together with the curator; this can be seen on the front and back as a background image. The drawing is full of movement: it seems to map energy, wind or magnetic fields. The extensive text was arranged on coloured surfaces in advance.

  • Services provided: Fanfold, DIN long | Leaflet, 6 pages
  • Customer: Kulturamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • Text: Zuzanna Skiba
  • Drawing in leaflet: Zuzanna Skiba